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Don't Miss Arts & Lectures

Founded in 1959, UCSB Arts & Lectures is the largest and most influential arts and lectures organization between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Arts & Lectures annually presents more than a hundred events, from critically acclaimed concerts and dance performances by world-renowned artists to talks by groundbreaking authors and film series at UCSB and Santa Barbara-area venues. 

Extravaganza & More

Learn about the biggest student concert around!

Learn about The Gaucho's Farmers Market, a space for UCSB students and staff to access local, fresh food, and learn about nutrition and sustainability.

Read more about the work AS Food Bank does to address issues of food insecurity for students at UCSB.

Edible Campus Program

Learn about the Edible Campus Program aimed at combating food insecurity for UCSB's students.

 General information about the four Dining Commons at UC Santa Barbara.

Check out information on UC Santa Barbara's notorious campus lagoon 

Take a look at one of UCSB's most popular beaches.

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