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Santa Barbara Spotlight: From Great Views To Unforgettable Tunes

By Zion Light

As a student of UC Santa Barbara, it’s too easy to spend all four years of your college experience

without seeing enough of the fantastic locations and attractions that Santa Barbara itself has to

offer. While some students remain confined to Isla Vista and Goleta during their time here, many

others do enjoy activities like going hiking up into the local mountains or taking a drive down to

State St. for some shopping. In that spirit, some of these lesser known adventures ought to be

compiled and highlighted for the benefit of all current and future students! Such pastimes

include live music at the Santa Barbara Bowl, food and drink at the Cold Springs Tavern after an

exceptional day of hiking, as well as some close local history worth checking out!

Music In The Mountains!

On a clear day, a phenomenal landscape view of Santa Barbara becomes visible from the Bowl.

The Santa Barbara Bowl holds a whole host of artists spanning many music genres and

generations. The venue sits atop the Santa Barbara hills which allows for breathtaking views of

the area during the day; but beware the dreaded climb up the hill! If concert-goers are less

inclined to walk up the hill, there are trolleys that drive up all the way to the stage. While a bit of

a walk to the top viewpoint should still be expected, vendors selling beer and wine as well as

food will greet those brave enough to make the journey.

Various other local food and drink options are available throughout the venue including Rudy’s

and the High Seas Mead brand. For

the mead, you’ll need to make your way to

the Jerry Garcia Glen located about halfway

up the hill. While ticket prices can be

expensive, the Santa Barbara Bowl is well

known for its ability to deliver exceptional

concert experiences. Due to such a

reputation, the venue’s seasonal lineup is

chock-full of hit artists; usually with a little

something for everybody. Thanks to the

exceptional staff working at the Bowl, a safe

and efficient environment is also maintained. So the next time your favorite artist is in

town, why not treat yourself to an evening

you won't forget!

Jerry Garcia Glen. Sculpture created by Tom White, unveiled in 2009.

If UCSB students have class obligations the next morning, each show is always over by 10pm

due to city ordinances! However, if you catch a show on the weekend, the audience will often

keep the good times rolling by heading over to downtown Santa Barbara.

Steep Trails And Tavern Tales

Cold Springs Tavern, 5995 Stagecoach Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

In Santa Barbara, the mountains are practically as iconic as the beaches. Popular destinations

such as Lizard’s Mouth are most well known among students who seek adventure. However,

while exploring the mountains of Santa Barbara, many might miss the opportunity to check out

an essential hidden gem: The Cold Springs Tavern.

The Cold Springs Tavern is located on Stagecoach Road up in the Santa Barbara Mountains. The

place includes a few buildings with an inside and restaurant as well as an outside BBQ. Locals

come here on Sundays, when live music also often takes place. To see a community sharing in

such humble pleasures is truly a treat to witness. Kindness is extended to visitors who marvel in

the seemingly untouched architecture and atmosphere of the location. Visiting Cold Springs is

like stepping back in time about 100-200 years ago. The food itself is exceptional and their

Tri-Tip is considered legendary. Certainly it’s worth a trip the next time you find yourself up in

the mountains with a large appetite!

Free, Easy, and Fascinating

Goleta Historical Marker 3.

If you find yourself without a motor vehicle and these options don’t seem viable, not to fear!

Here in Goleta, we have a major historical site right on our doorstep which is only a bike ride

away! Located between The Ritz-Carlton and Haskell’s Beach, these historical markers tell the

story of not too distant history. Indeed, Goleta suffered the first U.S. mainland attack by a

foreign power since the War of 1812!

Aside from its historical significance, the shoreline views are extremely gorgeous to take in.

Furthermore, the area is exceptional for morning and afternoon strolls. If one is curious, there is

plenty to learn regarding the now 81 year old history of the area. Online and library resources

are available for such research; going there in person however, is a privilege held by UCSB

students not to be taken lightly!

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