Welcome to Isla Vista

Looking for Something to do?

Looking for something to do in IV? Have no car? Besides the beach, there’s so much more to Isla Vista than meets the eye. Particularly aimed at students without vehicle access, there are countless events happening on a regular basis that several people do not know about. If you’re looking for some activities, here’s a quick list to help you out!

Munchies You Can't Miss

Before class or after a night out, IV has some of the best eats you can ask for!

Best Sunsets in IV

Studying, midterms, finals, internships, a job -multiple jobs for some of you- there is so much to balance and juggle during your time here at UCSB. Escaping from your world of responsibilities once in a while can benefit you in the long run more than you think.

Movies and Student Run Activities

Come check out the plethora of films and events that students at UC Santa Barbara organize. These events range from blockbuster films to student created plays to concerts!

Cooperative Living in Isla Vista

Check out cooperative living in Isla Vista as an option for student housing, where to find them, and what they are all about.

A Guide to Residental Music In Isla Vista

Take a look at popular music venues around Isla Vista and Santa Barbara and get a feel for the music culture.

New students guide to living in Isla Vista from a recent alumni perspective.

Isla Vista Parks

Read about the parks in Isla Vista, and find a place for a nice picnic and relaxation. 

Isla Vista Co-op

Everything you need to know about Isla Vista's food co-op.

Surf Spots in Isla Vista

Check out surf spots in Isla Vista recommended by UCSB's best surfers!

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